Home-Made Costumes for Kids

We are glad to announce the opening of Costume Wiki with a huge collection of home-made costumes for kids.

This wiki is for everyone who is interested in making homemade costumes for their children ó for celebrations like Halloween, school plays, or simply for a great time of dressing-up fun. The idea for it comes from the newsgroup RU.BABY from Fido, where every fall parents discuss ideas for their kidsí costumes. In Costume Wiki you can see many great ideas with pictures and instructions, all easy to find in a nice, organized format. So browse around, find whatever suits you, make it, wear it, and donít forget to share the results with us! Your constibutions are greatly appreciated.

The Costume Wiki is now located on the following address: http://costume.wikia.com

In case of any questions please feel free to write to Alina Kirsanova.

Last updated: 2007-12-15