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6 лет 3 месяца

* * *    (на мотив "Twinkle, twinkle, little star")

someone's hiding on the moon
someone small and someone blue

6 лет 5 месяцев

* * *

Girls are good,
Boys are rude,
Horses are matching them —
But dogs are catching them!

8 лет

* * *

I was fishing, fishing in the lake.
I needed five fish to bake.
And then I saw a little cute frog.
The little cute frog
was sitting on an old, dead log.
I said, "My house is near,
would you like to come home?"
"No, thank you" said the frog,
"I like to be along."
"Okay" I said, "stay here."

9 лет 3 месяца


Bears wake up after their long sleep.
Yawning now, under the blossoming trees;
in their dens, deep, deep, deep.

Bluejays singing "Spring is here!"
Squirrels squeaking, birds we hear.
Animals walking on the waking up Earth.
Many mothers giving babies birth.

April showers fill the trees,
Growing flowers, growing leaves.

Hooray! Hooray!
Let's go out and play!

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